What is Competition Dancing?

-Groups of students take the routine(s) they have learned to different locations in the tri-state area and perform in front of a panel of judges.  Groups are divided by age, size and dance style.  Points are awarded for different aspects of each performance (choreography, technique, stage presence, costume, etc.).  Recognition and Awards are given for the highest points.  Some competitions have a regional and national competition in which a group must meet certain criteria (points, placing etc.) at regionals to advance to nationals.

Will my child need an extra costume for competition?

-No.  We will use the same costume that will be used in the end of the year recital.  Keep in mind, costumes are the responsibility of the student/parent.  If a costume is damaged, lost, or stolen, it will be the parent's responsibility to purchase another costume for any future performances and/or the recital.  There may be additional props or special hair/make-up that could incur an additional expense to the parents.

How many competitions does the studio attend?

-We generally compete 3-5 times throughout the season.  Competitions usually start in March/April and end in mid-July if we qualify for nationals.

If I sign up for competition, do I have to do them all?

-Yes.  There is not enough time to re-choreograph routines and placement in between competitions.  Students wanting to compete need to commit themselves to ALL of the competitions.  You are a team, a family, others are depending on you just as you will be depending on them.

What's the difference between a competition and the recital?

-Recital is a showcase for friends and family to show them what you have been working on all year.  It's an entertainment event.  While important and crucial, it's a once a year event where people come to watch you perform.  Competition is something you have to continuously work at because after the first competition, is the second competition and after that competition is another, and the final competition could be a national competition.  Another fun aspect to competition is the opportunity to watch other groups, outside of your own company/studio perform.  You'll become familiar with other competition companies and will have the chance to make friends with other dancers.  While our recital audience is always cheering and supportive, in competition, you have the audience size of your own studio, plus the audiences of many other companies and studios.  The audience support is overwhelming, and they cheer for many routines, not just their own studio's.  Competition is truly a unique experience.

Is Competition hard?  How will each group be judged?

-You are competing against other dance companies and you are competing against yourself.  Competition dancing is a constant motivator and you will be critiqued AND complemented on your dancing.  Judges will comment on your technique, on your smile/facial expression, on how you recover if you mess up or fall.  The judges are very nice and very professional.  They are an outside party, experienced in the different forms of dance, and they will help you become better dancers.  It's not just about winning, it's about pushing yourself to be the best dancer you can be.  Awards are always great and they sure are fun to hang on the wall and display for all to see, but the real reward is the personal achievement you will gain by attaining the goals you set for yourself as a dancer.

How much does it cost to be in Competition?

Regional Fees:
Small & Large Groups $75.00 per dancer, per entry
Duet/Trio $85.00 per dancer, per entry
Solo $150.00 per entry

National Fees:
Small & Large Groups $90.00 per dancer, per entry
Duet/Trio $100 per dancer, per entry
Solo $175.00 per entry

$30.00/month competition class fee for additional practices scheduled weekly

When are the Competitions and how long do they last?

-Competitions for each age group are usually held over the course of one day.  Keep in mind though that if you have multiple children competing and those children are in different age groups, the competitions between your children may be held over the course of 1-2 days. 

What are the requirements to be in Competition?

-All competition groups must have at least 4 students enrolled (with the exception of specialty and senior dances which will decide their own group sizes).  All studio classes are open to sign up for competition but only those with 4 or more signed up will become a competition group.  You must be enrolled in a regular dance class to compete with that group.

-Students enrolled in competition can not miss more than 3 regularly scheduled practices.  All mandatory practices are required.

***Graduates from the previous year may return under the Studio umbrella and compete if they choose to do so but may only compete for the year following their H.S. Graduation year.  Solos must be shown to and approved by Miss Nikki no later than 30 days prior to the competition date or it will be pulled from competition with no refund issued.  Costumes must also be shown to and approved by Miss Nikki***

How do I sign up for competition?

-Once classes start, information will be e-mailed to all parents.  There will be a parent/student meeting scheduled to answer any questions regarding competition.   DANCE
~By Nikki~