Welcome to the official website for the * DANCE studio.  Here you can check for updates, e-mail me directly, view the class schedule and print registration forms for the current and/or upcoming dance season.  Regular classes start the first full week in October and will run through mid-May.

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Hello!  My name is Nikki, I am the owner and operator of the * DANCE studio.  I have been dancing for 35+ yrs.  I started dancing in Texas when I was 5  years old.  When my family moved back to Wisconsin, I continued my dance education at the Betty Hayes School of Dance.  I went on to Viterbo University where I minored in Dance and had the opportunity to participate in a number of dance productions, workshops and events.  I am experienced in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary & Musical Theater Dance.

After having my daughter, I started working as a dance instructor part time at two studios.  Three years later,  I took over teaching full time at the Viroqua studio.  6 years after beginning my teaching experience, I opened up my own studio in Gays Mills, WI (while still teaching full time at the Viroqua studio).  The following year, I opened another studio in Viroqua.  In time, the Viroqua and Gays Mills studio's combined into one studio which is located in Viroqua, WI.    

For me, dancing isn't just a job.  People's dreams should guide them and every morning when I wake up, I want to dance.  When I'm listening to the radio, I'm always thinking of new steps and routines.  I love dancing and I can't think of a more rewarding profession than to share my passion with others.


To better gain the full attention of all the students, classes are instructed in a CLOSED setting.  During the Dress Rehearsal (which is a full costume stage rehearsal), parents may watch and take video and pictures.  All other visiting requests must be approved.  

Some basic rules include:  Hair must be pulled back, out of students face; No gum please; and please follow the dress code in the brochure as closely as possible.  The reason for the specific dress is that I need to be able to see the bodyline of each student as they move.  When each student matches, it also makes it easier to detect any differences in movement as a group.  Again, the dress code is as much for safety as it is for uniformity.  (Students may bring a water bottle to class if they wish.)

In each class, there will be a warm-up or stretch section.  In the Petite/Intro classes, we play dance games and use fantasy-play as a  way for the students to learn their steps and get a good warm-up while having fun.  Fantasy-play also encourages the students to use their imaginations and creativity while dancing.

Most classes will include across the floor technique and movement, center floor technique and movement and barre exercises.  Most classes will also be working on a routine that will be performed at the Spring Recital.


Ballet:  Classical movement of precision and technique using formal gestures, steps and poses.  Ballet is the groundwork for all other types of dance.  It creates balance, posture and alignment which aids in the other dance forms.  While there are quick steps (allegro) in ballet, it can be more of a flowing, gentle dance style.  Ballet steps are generally executed in a "turned-out" fashion.

Jazz:  Many of the steps in Jazz are derived from Ballet.  The difference is that in Jazz, most steps are executed in a "parallel" fashion rather than "turned-out" (example:  1st position of the feet in Jazz is standing with feet together, toes facing straight forward...1st position of the feet in Ballet is standing with the heels together while the toes face outward as if to make a wide "V").  In jazz dancing, steps become more exaggerated and each dancer is able to put a little more personal attitude and expression into the routine.  It is thought to be a more funky style of dance.

Tap:  Rhythm and sound.  Dancers use their feet to incorporate sound into their routine.  Dancers wear special shoes with metal taps on the bottom.  Single steps, combinations and patterns are used to create routines that compliment the sound or beat of the music being used.

Hip-Hop:  Isolation and attitude to the max.  With hip-hop, the smallest of movements can look impressive.  Often times choreographed to rap music, hip-hop is also well-known as "street-dancing".

Contemporary:  In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet, and modern dance's stress on the torso.  It also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.  Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well.

Competition:  Performing a dance piece in front of a panel of judges.  Points are given for various aspects of dance and awards are presented to studios for high points.


Dance is a truly unique form of expression.  It is an art form that builds strength, balance, endurance, coordination, posture and flexibility (just to name a few).  These building blocks can aid a student in other aspects of their life as well (sports etc.).  It creates a positive environment where students learn the give and take relationship of respect.  Dance can bond generation gaps and create lasting friendships.  It is not only an artform, but also a team sport.  Students have the opportunity to get up on stage and show an audience what they have learned.  At * DANCE, we strive to give every student a sense of confidence and accomplishment.  


If local schools are closed or let out early due to weather (including cancellation of afterschool activities),  then dance classes are also cancelled.  We may employ the use of Zoom if needed.  E-mails will be sent regarding weather cancellations as well as if classes will be held via Zoom.

Please note that if schools are only 2 hrs. late due to poor morning weather conditions and/or if schools are closed for un-related weather reasons (teacher inservice etc.); WE WILL STILL HAVE CLASSES..

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